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Traffic Ticket and Penalty FAQ’s

Procedures After Getting a Ticket
Questions answered here:
  • What do I do with a ticket courtesy notice I received in the mail?
  • Is it okay if I just ignore the courtesy notice I received in the mail?
Traffic Violation Questions
Questions answered here:
  • How do a non-moving and a moving violation differ?
  • The car ahead of me just passed me at much greater speed than I was going but the police officer stopped me and not the other driver. Why?
  • How can I speed and not suffer the consequences?
  • Do the police have to follow the speed limits? Why do I see them speeding without their sirens and lights?
Consequences and Penalties of a Traffic Ticket
Questions answered here:
  • I am guilty of the violation I got cited for. Should I just plead guilty and pay the ticket?
  • My citation states I might get a point. How does the DMV calculate points and what do they mean?
  • Is there someone who can fix my ticket?
Police Ticket Techology – Lasers and Radars
Questions answered here:
  • Why and how is police radar able to pick up my driving speed?
  • Does laser work differently than radar?
Being Pulled Over for a Traffic Violation or Ticket
Questions answered here:
  • How should I act if I get pulled over by the police?
  • Is it true that there is a ticket quota police officers have to fill?
  • Is the officer trying to rub it in when asking if I know why they stopped me?
  • What are the rules about being stopped while I am driving?
  • What are the rules when it comes to an officer searching my car?
Best Online California
Traffic School Courses
  1. Traffic School Online

  2. I Drive Safely

  3. Go To Traffic School

We find these online traffic school programs to be high-quality, easy to use and quick to remove points from your California driving record.

Online Course Advantages
Prevents insurance rate increases

Improves driving skills

No boring classroom lectures to attend

Take the course from home, work, or anywhere you have time

All you need is internet access