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How long will it take to complete? How much does it cost?

In California, the online traffic school course has practically replaced the walk-in course, for reasons of practicality and cost. But because there are still people operating independently of computers, the state still lists a number of locations for DMV approved traffic violator’s schools. For a list, click on the following URL:

The cost of attending offline traffic school varies by the location: different courts may assign different fees, and the schools themselves are allowed to assign minimal fees of their own. Since most online courses cost somewhere between $10 and $20, you’re coming out ahead by staying home. Plus, California regulations state that traffic school must consist of at least 400 minutes of instruction, so by the time you pay for lunch, you’re in the red.

Offline traffic schools, because of the time requirements, must be an all-day proposition. Online traffic school has the considerable advantage of taking as long as you want it to. If you’re busy, just log out and do some more tomorrow. You can fit online traffic school into any schedule; something you just can’t do with a regulated, in-person traffic school.

Whatever type of traffic school you choose, make sure you meet your court-imposed deadline and allow extra time for shipping the certificate of completion to the court. If you have the option to fax, call the court first to let them know you’re sending the fax, and then call them again once you’ve sent it to make sure it came through and is being filed correctly. Get the first and last name of the person you speak to, so there is some accountability, and keep copies of the fax record. Make sure you know how the court will acknowledge receipt of your certificate. It would be a huge waste of time to do the course in good faith and then have your certificate lost in the mail, misfiled or never sent at all. If the traffic school says they’ll send the certificate for you, make sure you have some way of checking that they do it and that it’s been received.
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Best Online California
Traffic School Courses
  1. Traffic School Online

  2. I Drive Safely

  3. Go To Traffic School

We find these online traffic school programs to be high-quality, easy to use and quick to remove points from your California driving record.

Online Course Advantages
Prevents insurance rate increases

Improves driving skills

No boring classroom lectures to attend

Take the course from home, work, or anywhere you have time

All you need is internet access