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What types of information is covered in these classes? What is the test like?

The kind of information covered in traffic school depends somewhat on the students and somewhat on the enthusiasm of the instructor. In most traffic school scenarios, the instructor asks students what infraction they committed, and then comments or lectures on what they should have done instead to remain within the law. The instructor, who may be a moonlighting member of the highway patrol, also covers the general California traffic laws and can answer questions about the point system, the difference between misdemeanor and felony violations and why a number of non-moving violations can still add up to trouble in court. He or she will also cover California-specific laws regarding driving, such as the speed limits in various zones like schools or hospitals. You may get to watch a movie designed to remind you that an automobile, handled incorrectly can become a vehicle of death for you and others. A major benefit of taking an online course is that you’re spared the verbal meanderings of a traffic instructor who’s probably a lot more bored than any of the students. You pay your fee (always cheaper than the in-person course fee) get the information you need, take the test and get the results.

But traffic school is more than just a way to get rid of the occasional ticket. People spend so much time in their cars that they forget that driving is supposed to be the main activity and is necessarily the main focus of concentration. After a certain amount of time behind the wheel or commuting long distances as many people do in Northern and Southern CA, most people get distracted. They talk on the phone, eat, drink coffee, fiddle with the CD player and pay attention to everything but their driving. It wouldn’t matter if cars were made of Styrofoam and only traveled ten miles an hour, but we are soft-bodied creatures, hurtling down the nation’s freeways at 60-100 miles an hour in cages constructed of glass and metal. It’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing, and spending a few hours reviewing the rules of the road and the reasons for those rules won’t do us any lasting harm, and may even safe a few lives. (End of sermon).

The test is multiple choice and built to suit the curriculum, so if you’re paying attention, you shouldn’t have any problem passing it. Depending on the course, you may have a test at the end of each chapter, a final exam, or both. Most classes give you options for repeating the test if you fail it the first time. But it’s not enough just to pass the test: it’s also your responsibility to make sure the results get to the appropriate court before the deadline for completion set by that court. Get copies of your completion certificate and test score, get a phone number of the office that should receive your results or take the time to get down there in person before the deadline has passed to make sure your class and test are where they need to be. Like a lot of life, your success in traffic school depends on timeliness and a certain amount of follow-up.
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Best Online California
Traffic School Courses
  1. Traffic School Online

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We find these online traffic school programs to be high-quality, easy to use and quick to remove points from your California driving record.

Online Course Advantages
Prevents insurance rate increases

Improves driving skills

No boring classroom lectures to attend

Take the course from home, work, or anywhere you have time

All you need is internet access