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Consequences and Penalties of a Traffic Ticket

I am guilty of the violation I got cited for. Should I just plead guilty and pay the ticket?
This question is best answered between you, your conscience, and your pocket book. Before you decide, keep in mind that pleading guilty means that the court will expect you to pay the highest possible fine for the violation. In addition to the foregoing, your guilty plea will also result in your car insurance rate going up considerably over the next three to five years.

Granted, it is easier to just go ahead and pay the ticket and be done with it – incidentally, this explains why revenues from traffic violations are such a big portion of the annual operating budget for many municipalities – and take the insurance rate hike. On the other hand, if you multiply the mount of money that your insurance rate hike will cost you over the next few years, you will find that while it may be easier right now to pay the ticket, in the long run it will be much more difficult to come up with the money it takes.

My citation states I might get a point. How does the DMV calculate points and what do they mean?
The point system employed by your DMV is little more than a means of keeping tabs on your driving record. Your point count may be called “negligent operator violation point count” or something similar, depending on your jurisdiction. When a newly licensed driver hits the road for the first time, she or he has a clean slate. The goal of the exercise is to encourage drivers to practice safe driving and avoid engaging in behavior that will net those tickets.

Usually you will receive one or two points for a moving violation. Your citation should specify the point count you may expect to receive. If your driving record accumulates a number of points over a period of time, you may be classified as being a “negligent operator” and there are consequences attached to this notation. Typically you will lose your driving privileges for a period of time.

Serious offenses – hit and run, DUI, and reckless driving – will cost you two points, while most other items, including an “at fault” accident, is going to cost you one point. A two point count will stay on your driving record for seven years, while a one point notation will drop off after only three years.

A negligent operator is someone who accumulates four points in a 12 month period, six points in a 24 month period or eight points in a 36 month period. Since the insurance industry is permitted access to your driving record, you will need to understand that your rate increases are directly affected by your point count.

Is there someone who can fix my ticket?
The idea of ticket fixing appeals to those who would just like their citations to go away without paying a fine or disputing them - it is therefore interesting to note that from the moment you receive the ticket to the time that you pay it anyone who comes in contact with it may alter it in your favor. If you have an in with someone at the DMV, the court, or even at the police department who has privileged access to the database that holds your citation, you may be able to have your ticket altered or even cancelled.
Read faq's on technology used by police to nab a traffic violation.
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