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Taking Traffic School Rules and Regulations

Why take traffic school?
You don’t have to get a ticket to smarten up your driving skills; in fact, a course at traffic school might even be your best chance at long term ticket prevention.

Traffic School Course Options
You can attend online traffic school by sitting down at your computer. Fortified with a cup of your favorite coffee, you can easily concentrate on the material and pass the required tests without even leaving home.

How long and how much for traffic school?
The cost of attending offline traffic school varies by the location: different courts may assign different fees, and the schools themselves are allowed to assign minimal fees of their own.

Information taught at traffic school and the required test
In most traffic school scenarios, the instructor asks students what infraction they committed, and then comments or lectures on what they should have done instead to remain within the law.

Who can take take or attend traffic school?
A non-moving violation will get you a ticket and a fine: a moving violation will get you a ticket, a fine, and if you’re lucky, the chance to take traffic school.

Best Online California
Traffic School Courses
  1. Traffic School Online

  2. I Drive Safely

  3. Go To Traffic School

We find these online traffic school programs to be high-quality, easy to use and quick to remove points from your California driving record.

Online Course Advantages
Prevents insurance rate increases

Improves driving skills

No boring classroom lectures to attend

Take the course from home, work, or anywhere you have time

All you need is internet access