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Why take traffic school?

There are several reasons people choose to attend traffic school, and many people find it worth the cost. In the first case, anyone who’s received a moving violation ticket would naturally prefer traffic school over trying to fight the ticket in court. When you fight a ticket, the odds are overwhelmingly against you (even if you’re right). Since you can erase tickets from your driving record by taking traffic school, it only makes sense to do the easy coursework and repair your driving record as quickly as you can.

One point ticket violations aren’t especially important infractions taken one at a time, but you’ll lose your license if you get:

Four points within a 12-month period

Six points in a 24-month period

Eight points in a 36-month period

Since most Californians (and most Americans in general) can’t get along without a car (because the country is so big and the government-subsidized train system stinks), it’s pretty much unthinkable for most people to try to get to work, run a household and just get from home to downtown without having access to an automobile. But the police have a funny attitude towards driving: they think that if you drive like an idiot, you’re better off walking. In fact, the whole country is better off if idiot drivers are forced to walk, because their stupid, dangerous automotive tricks can get people killed. So, if you miss an occasional stop sign and nobody gets hurt, lucky you, and you’ll probably get a point taken off your license. You can take traffic school, either by attending in person, or by signing up for online traffic school, and the point will be removed from your license. Otherwise, the point stays on your license for three years, assuming you don’t get any other points taken during that time.

Another good reason for getting points restored to your license as fast as you can is that your insurance agency is just dying for a halfway decent excuse to raise your rates, and if you get a ticket and there are points against your license, you’ve given them the best excuse in the world. If you’ve incurred a serious moving violation, your insurance agency is even allowed to refuse to insure you. In the weird logic of insurance, why should the agency cover someone who may be a risk? Wouldn’t you rather give your money to anyone than your insurance company? Traffic school can help you keep your money going for the important things—like pizza and car freshener.

Now, let’s move to the strange and wonderful world of the socially responsible driver. This might be an older person who wants a refresher course, since driving laws continue to change. It might be a new driver who wants to feel more confident in understanding driving laws. It could be a military member who’s been away from home and wants to brush up on driving California style. All of these people might decide to take online traffic school just for the personal benefits the education offers. After all, we spend a lot of our time on the highways: driving safely and defensively can help us stay alive on the “mean streets” outside the nearest Whole Foods store. You don’t have to get a ticket to smarten up your driving skills; in fact, a course at traffic school might even be your best chance at long term ticket prevention..
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Best Online California
Traffic School Courses
  1. Traffic School Online

  2. I Drive Safely

  3. Go To Traffic School

We find these online traffic school programs to be high-quality, easy to use and quick to remove points from your California driving record.

Online Course Advantages
Prevents insurance rate increases

Improves driving skills

No boring classroom lectures to attend

Take the course from home, work, or anywhere you have time

All you need is internet access